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  O-topia has been compared to Shangri La, as a mystical, harmonious valley, enclosed in the high Cascade Mountains of Oregon. O-topia has become synonymous with an earthly paradise, particularly a mythical enduringly happy land, isolated from the world. The beavers who live in O-topia are almost immortal, living hundreds of years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance.

  Sometime at the end of the Paleolithic period (10,000BC) evolutionary pressures acted on the North American Beavers where a small isolated group of Oregon beaver’s morphology began to radically deviate from the main colony. This moment in time is

referred to as the “BEAVER BIG BANG”“ (BBB).  First, larger heads and brains developed. next, opposing thumbs emerged that allowed a giant leap forward for them in so many ways.  A good analogy of this episode is similar to the difference between Modern man and the Neanderthals.

  Fast Forward a few thousand years, when In the 16th century European fur trappers came to Oregon to trap beavers for beaver Hats, but the smart little Oregon Beavers were way to clever for their simplistic traps and snares. They just loved to go out and pop and snap their traps with sticks just for the fun of it then sit back and watch from afar and laugh & laugh at the hapless trappers and their empty traps.

    O-topian beavers over the centuries have developed quite a diverse and fun loving society that is a model for all of us to appreciate and emulate as you can see below!

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